JINMING 2-layer TPU Blown Film Line Film Width 62 Inches

eBay With the cutting-edge technology and experience in film machinery making, Jinming successful developed a TPU blown film line based on the processing feature and performance of the TPU resin. Without any impact to the plasticization, rotating speed of the screw is improved by optimizing design of the screw and meanwhile using the smooth barrel. ...  More


Classicx 3-5 layer Dual-bubble Blown Film Machine (POF) for Heat Shrink Film

eBay The POF line represents the improved design of dual-bubble forming heat-shrinkable blown film technology. The system features an advanced central feeding spiral die head and internal bubble cooling system, infrared radiant heaters and temperature measurement module, tension control system and double-station automatic contact/central/gap rotati ...  More


JINMING Valuex 3-layer Blown Film Machine Film Width 51-82 Inches

eBay 1. Production Efficiency Increased by 20% The screw used for the unit incorporates a unique structural design, which can improve screw speed and plasticization efficiency. With this screw, the unit’s production capacity is increased by more than 20% compared to other similar equipment manufactured in China. 2. Remarkable AdaptabilityThe ...  More


JINMING Classicx 3-5 layers Non Barrier Blown Film Machine Film Width 82 Inches

eBay Jinming Classicx blown film machine is a customized and high-capacity middle and high-end model which has been launched through the optimization of existing machine models. This model can meet the customer’s high production requirements in terms of film uniformity control, film transparency, film stiffness and toughness, film yield, etc. ...  More


JINMING Classicx 3-7 layers Water Quench Blown Film Machine Film Width 40 Inches

eBay The line adopts the world advanced high-tech patent technology to produce both symmetrical and asymmetrical barrier films with excellent performance such as outstanding formability and high barrier performance. With more than 3 barrier layers, the film products are widely used in packaging of food, farming products, petrochemical and medical p ...  More


JINMING Classicx Multi-bubble High Barrier Blown Film Machine Film Width 21 Inch

eBay High barrier heat shrinkable film is widely used in packaging of meat products (ham, sausage, fresh meat and poultry meat), dairy products (cheese and butter), frozen foods and irregularly-shaped goods. Multi-bubble film, available exclusively on Jinming’s MSR multi-bubble blown film line for heat shrinkable film, is suitable for process ...  More


JINMING Superex 5-layer Non Barrier Blown Film Machine Film Width 82 Inches




18" x 1500' 90 Ga 40 Rolls Blown Sigma Stretch Film Hand Wrap 1500 FT


(96 Rolls) 18" 1500' 90 Gauge Blown Sigma Hand Stretch Wrap Film 24 Cases


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