CPM Stainless Steel Conditioner Stainless Tube Pellet Mill

eBay CPM STEAM CONDITIONER California Pellet Mill Steam Conditioner Stainless Steel Shell Stainless Steel Paddles No Motor Drive Inlet Dimensions 9.5" x 7" Outlet Dimensions 10" x 12" FREEDOM EQUIPMENT Freedom Equipment Services: Equipment Appraisals, Liquidations, Equipment Rebuilding Services, On-site Repair Service, Installation Services, Consul ...  More


CPM California Pellet Mill 1.5HP Stainless Steel Screw Feeder Conveyor Magnet

eBay CPM 1.5 HP STAINLESS STEEL SCREW FEEDER SPECIFICATIONS/FEATURES Screw Feeder regulates material into a conditioner/pellet mill Stainless Steel Construction 12" Diameter Magnet for filtering metals from material Comes with 1.5HP 1800RPM Dual Voltage Motor Guaranteed a 15-day right-of-return CALIFORNIA PELLET MILL: CPM has been in business since ...  More


NEW Spare 3/16 SS Door was on CPM 100C Century California Pellet Mill w/handle

eBay CPM CENTURY PELLET MILL DOOR SPECIFICATIONS/FEATURES The door will fit a California Pellet Mill Century Pellet Mill Build from 3/16" Stainless Steel Includes 1/2" adapter plate to convert to a single latch mechanism Includes a heavy duty Destaco clamp Includes 7/8" Hinges Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Handle Includes Stainless Steel Wear Plate Bu ...  More


Complete Pelletizing Plant with Pellet Mill Hammer Mill Cooler and Screener

eBay COMPLETE PELLETING PLANT Pellet Mill was rebuilt and ran less than 1000 hours. Last used for turning sawdust into wood pellets. Plant sold as is. Sale is final. COMPLETE PLANT INCLUDES 100 HP Sprout Pellet Mill Colorado Mill Equipment Pellet Cooler Colorado Mill Equipment Screener Colorado Mill Equipment Hammermill Bag Scale & Sealer Conve ...  More


CME10 HP Flat Die Pellet Mill Pelletmill - BELT DRIVE

eBay CME MILL-10 PELLET MILL The Millennium series MILL-10 is a pilot scale pelleting machine that can produce 30-150 lbs of pellets per hour, depending on the material. This unit comes with a stainless-steel hopper and discharge chute and has steel casters to allow the unit to be conveniently moved. SPECIFICATIONS/FEATURES Model: MILL-10 230/460 V ...  More


NEW CME SS Pellet Mill / Extruder Feeder & 7.5hp Steam Conditioner 1 YR Warranty

eBay CME SS PELLET MILL/EXTRUDER FEEDER & STEAM CONDITIONER Product conditioning is a critical part of the wood, feed, biomass, and aggregate pelleting process, and the design and type of equipment used to condition the product must be matched to the application to maximize efficiency. The CME Pellet Mill Feeder / Conditioner is designed to wor ...  More


REBUILT Sprout Waldron 501H Pellet Mill 100-150hp,NO feeder/conditioner


New CME Pellet Mill 3 HP belt drive w/ flat die & rolls


CPM Master-series 30HP pellet mill (Extra for Feeder and Conditioner)